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It is common for people engaged in civil litigation to be dissatisfied with a case outcome. However hard your lawyer works to bring about a good result, there is always the possibility that the final determination of the court will seem unfair.
At Family Matters Law Firm PLLC in San Antonio, our full-service representation of clients facing any legal challenge does not stop with the conclusion of a trial. Your case may have reached a conclusion that you want to appeal, or the opposing party may have filed an appeal. In either case, you can depend on our team at Family Matters Law Firm PLLC to represent you vigorously during this phase of your case. We are prepared to evaluate the trial record to determine every factor that may provide justification for an appellate filing.
We bring appeals on behalf of our own clients as well as people who were represented by other attorneys in the initial phases of their civil in state and federal courts.

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No matter the level of the judicial system where your case was tried, we welcome the opportunity to review your case with an eye for grounds for an appeal.

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